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Effective July 1, 2018, Title 32-Chapter 456.44 (5) of the 2018 Florida Statute defines new regulations for prescribing Schedule II Controlled Substances for acute and nonacute pain. 
For the treatment of ACUTE PAIN: prescriptions for opioid drugs must not exceed a 3-day supply except up to a 7-day supply if:
• Prescriber feels, professionally, more than a 3-day supply is medically necessary to treat patient pain as an acute medical condition
• Prescriber indicates “ACUTE PAIN EXCEPTION” on prescription 
For the treatment of pain OTHER THAN ACUTE PAIN: prescriptions for opioid drugs listed as a Schedule II Controlled Substance:
• Prescriber indicates “NONACUTE PAIN” on prescription

Prescribers are allowed to handwrite these phrases until this comes into effect July 1.
All Florida prescription pads and EMR paper products will include:
Check box for prescriber to indicate “ACUTE PAIN EXCEPTION” on prescription 
Check box for prescriber to indicate “NONACUTE PAIN” on prescription

Effective July 1, 2011, counterfeit-proof prescription blanks (Rx pads and paper) must be used by licensed healthcare practitioners who prescribe controlled substances listed in Chapter 893, Florida Statutes. Section 456.42(2), Florida Statutes, was amended requiring licensed healthcare practitioners purchase counterfeit-proof prescription blanks from vendors approved by the Department of Health. See details at: Florida DOH website. Rx Security is a leading producer of state-of-the-art, tamper and copy resistant Rx prescription pads, paper and EMR forms. We serve medical professionals in Florida and across the USA.

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