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About Rx Security

For more than 2 decades Rx Security has been a leading supplier of prescription pads and other forms to healthcare professionals. Our tamper-resistant prescription pads, EMR paper and other forms are developed with technology and quality as a top priority. Our products are constantly evolving so we can meet and even exceed the requirements of the market, ensuring that every prescription pad or form offers the most protection for your patients and you. Our copy-resistant scripts incorporate numerous safeguards that make duplication and forgery almost impossible. Rx Security provides tamper resistant prescription pads and paper across the US, including California, Florida, Georgia, Texas, Oregon, Washington, Arizona and more. 

Toll Free: 800 667 9723

Fax Free: 866 667 9723

1200 N. Federal Highway

Suite 200, #50-126

Boca Raton, FL 33432